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Prof. Peng Yan Selected in the Third-batch Ten Thousand Talents Program


[News from the News Center] On Feb. 8th, the CPC Central Organization Department General Office unveiled the list of the third-batch of the Ten Thousand Talent Program. Prof. Peng Yan of YSU School of Mechanical Engineering was selected as the talent in the Scientific and Technological Innovation Leadership.

Peng Yan, born in November, 1971, a CPC member, is the professor and doctoral supervisor of YSU School of Mechanical Engineering. Prof. Peng is the leading professional in national scientific and technological innovation. He was an expert enjoying the special government allowance, also an candidate for the New Century Talents Project, winner of the New Century Excellent Talent Support Program of the MoE, winner of the Fok Yingdong Education Fund, winner of the Metallurgical Youth Science and Technology Award of the Chinese Metal Association, provincial outstanding expert of Hebei Province.

He has presided over some scientific research projects of the National Science and Technology Support Program, the National Key R&D Plan, the 863 Program and the Natural Science Foundation of China, Hebei provincial Key Fund and Outstanding Youth Fund project among many enterprise scientific research projects. Peng has published170 academic papers at home and abroad and authorized 20 invention patents. He has won two Second Prizes of National Award for Science and Technology Progress and six First Prizes at provincial and ministerial level

Professor Peng’s main research fields involve stable control of rolling mill system, intelligentization of rolling mill system, optimization of big data-driven strip production process, and advanced metal forming. He has been committed to the construction of platform and bases at YSU, discipline construction, talents training, and team building. Prof. Peng is currently the Director of the National Engineering Research Center for Equipment and Technology of C.S.R. of YSU. Since 2006, Prof. Peng, leading the teachers of relevant disciplines, has successfully established the MoE Engineering Research Center for Rolling Equipment and Complete Technologies, the National Engineering Research Center for Equipment and Technology of C.S.R., and the Hebei Province Collaborative Innovation Center for Modern Rolling Technology and Advanced Steel Materials, which laid a solid foundation for the development of heavy machinery disciplines at YSU.

In the research of stable operation and vibration control of high-speed strip rolling mills, Prof. Peng proposed and established a systematic dynamics model system for rolling mill system based on the rigid-flexible coupling characteristic of rollers, and developed stability analysis and vibration predictive control technology. The research result has won the First Prize for Science and Technology Progress in Hebei Province in 2017, and was supported by the National Science and Technology Support Program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Foundation for Outstanding Youth Fund of Hebei Province and so on. It has been applied to many production lines in HBIS Group, Beijing Shougang and Jinxi Group.

In July 2017, in the area of intelligent process control for big data-driven strip production, Peng’s project “Industrial Big Data Based Intelligent Process Control Technology for Aluminum/Copper Strip” was approved as the project of the National Key R&D Program with the fund of CNY 54.24 million including 19.24 million from the government’s appropriation. The research is about industrial big data based research of intelligent process control technology and demonstration of its applications, which is of great significance for the overall improvement of aluminum/copper strip processing and manufacturing of China.

In the field of theory of the strip shape control and the shape detection system, Prof. Peng has developed the theoretical system, mathematics model and engineering software of strip shape control, a full-roller flat-shaped inspection roller, a shape signal processing system and the feedback control method, which realized the independent innovation of the core technology of cold strip shape detection. The achievements have been applied in some companies such as Baosteel, Ansteel, HBIS, and CISDI. The research results won the Second Prize National Awards for Science and Technology Progress twice in 2011 and 2014 respectively and some First Prizes of the Science and Technology Progress Award at provincial and ministerial-level.

In the field of advanced metal forming, Prof. Peng’s team conducted multi-scale coupled simulation and structure-property prediction research on hot rolling to achieve the quantification of the relations among alloy composition, process parameters and mechanical performance indicators. They conducted research on ultra-high manganese austenitic steels for low-temperature condition and developed the hot rolled plate with coarse-grained Fe-34.5Mn-0.04C low-carbon ultra-high manganese austenitic steel. Facing the strong anisotropy during the metal plastic forming process of BCC, FCC, and HCP, they created a constitutive model of Distortional Hardening and firstly established the generalized anisotropic yield criteria and hardening rule, which lays a theoretical foundation for the development of the green and intelligent manufacturing technology for advanced metal.

(Translated by Li Zhengjie)

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