YSUs Official WeChat Awarded the Title of New Media of Excellent Colleges and Universities of Hebei Province


[News from the News Center] Recently, the Hebei provincial party committee's cyber security and informatization administration group issued a briefing on the recognition of excellent new media in Hebei province's colleges and universities. The official WeChat of Yanshan University was awarded the title of 2017 Hebei Provincial Outstanding College New Media (WeChat).

In 2017, YSUs official WeChat adhering to the concept of serving the teachers and students, leading the campus fashion published nearly 300 articles of various types throughout the year, which promoted the positive energy of the campus, explored new ideas on the network ideology and found new ways to work. Some of the articles ranked first in the rankings of Hebei colleges and universities in the WeChat rankings, and ranked top 11 in the National WeChat Rankings, which was praised and affirmed by senior leaders. Zhu Kejia, a member of the New Media staff, was selected as Excellent Propaganda Officer of Hebei Province by the Propaganda Department of Hebei Provincial CPC Committee.  

In 2018, YSU's new media will continue to work hard to enhance the level of work performance, adopting the concept of "New Media +", telling good stories of YSU, inheriting the spirit of YSU, continuing to build theYSU New Media Alliance in order to build YSUs new media into a lively carrier for the transmission of socialist core values guiding teachers and students to be firm believers, active communicators, and model practitioners of socialist core values.

[Translated by Ni Rongzi]

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