YSU Students Gave the Great Performance at the Chinese Idioms Conference Hebei Qualification Competition



[News from the News Center] From April 5, the third quarter of the Chinese Idioms Conference that was highly praised by teachers and students of colleges and universities across the province was held in the Handan City which gained the reputation as Capital of Chinese Idioms. The competition consisted of semi-finals, finals and finals of the Hebei Qualifiers. The 36 teams from 12 colleges and universities across the province went through a series of fierce competition, and finally the top four players were decided on April 8, the YSU players were among them.

Han Mo Cao team was in the finals

According to the arrangement of the organizing committee, YSU Academic Affairs Office and the School of Humanities and Law jointly organized the initial contestant qualification contest. More than 200 students from different Schools participated in the contest. After preliminary tests and interviews among other tests, three teams were carefully selected and appropriately matched. YSU teams led by Wang Yong, Head of the Department of Literature and Journalism Communication of School of Humanities and Law, as the leader and instructor for the competition. In the following two weeks, under the guidance of instructors, the teams focused on training, watched the video of previous competition and participated in two simulation contests.

During the competition, the players made use of the evening time to practice, learnt from each other and sum up some useful techniques. The three team players live up to expectations and all stand out in the semi-finals. In the contest, the contestants calm and excellent performance won a round of applause from the audience. After several rounds of fierce completion, the team Han Mo Cao made by Wang Yujie majoring in Chinese Language and Literature and Li Ningning, also majoring in Chinese Language and Literature, both from the School of Humanities and Law, won the fourth place in the Qualifying Finals of Hebei universities.

Han Mo Cao Team (front row, right first Li Ningning, right second Wang Yujie) was in the semi-final award ceremony

In the competition, contestants not only learnt enormously about idiom culture and enhanced their own quality, but also strengthened communication and enhanced the friendship with other universities in Hebei Province.

The third quarter "Chinese Idioms Conference" Hebei College/UniversityQualification Competition is an excellent traditional cultural promotion activity for the study and implementation of the Party's Nineteenth National Congress. The competition is organized carefully around the theme of building an economically and culturally strong Province.  

This cultural feastis the joint efforts of the Hebei Provincial Association of Social Sciences, Hebei Provincial Language Work Committee, Hebei Provincial Department of Education, Handan Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Handan City Radio and Television Station. In order to achieve seamless integration with the Chinese Idioms Conference, the organizing committee made carefularrangements for the contest from competition questions, rules, and guests and commentators, particularly, invited Meng Pengsheng, a doctoral supervisor from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences serving as a commentator. The finals will be broadcast in Handan TV station during the prime time for a month, and introduced nationwide by China Mobile Migu Liveshow platform.  

[Translated by Lv Bo]

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