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YSU’s Art and Sports Delegation Visits U.S. Universities



[News from the News Center] On March 10-23, at the invitation of Confucius Institute at Toledo University and Bowling Green State University, YSU’s Art and Sports Delegation went to the United States for a two-week exchange visit. During the visit, the delegation held 4 performances and martial arts performances at Toledo University, Bowling Green State University, Rhodes University, and North China State College. There were two classroom exchanges with School of Music at Bowling Green State University and the School of Art at Toledo University among multiple interactions with the local Chinese school teachers and students, and the Chinese cultural and sports organizations. In addition, the delegation also conducted in-depth discussions with the Confucius Institute at the University of Toledo, and some the international affairs departments at four universities on language and culture, academic exchanges of teachers and students, and joint education, and a series of cooperation intentions were achieved.

Dr. Andrew T. Hsu, Provost of the University of Toledo, met with YSU’s delegation and delivered a speech

Stage performance at Confucius Institute, Toledo University

Meeting and discussing with Bowling Green University

Teacher from YSU demonstrates the artistic charm of Guzheng in the World Music Class at Bowling Green University

The visit was a complete success. The delegation not only thrilled the local university teachers and students, Chinese descents and friends from all walks of life with its stunning performance, but also played the glorious role of cultural ambassadors and demonstrated the vigor and vitality of our teachers and students. Through exchanges, performances, and interactions, they conveyed the good wishes of teachers and students from YSU, which promoted the traditional friendship between the universities and demonstrated the excellent culture and art of China. At the same time, each member of the delegation cherished this precious opportunity for learning. They actively absorbed modern American culture, learned professional skills and experience of American colleagues, and American people’s friendly and optimistic spirit.

Mr. Wade, Mayor of Toledo City (left), issued a certificate as a token of appreciation to YSU

YSU delegation’s performance was reported with the headlines of the local media (photo above by International Cooperation Department)

The exchange visit was highly spoke and widely acclaimed by all sectors of the society. Headlines on the front pages of the local media reported on the performance. Mr. Wade, Mayor of Toledo, Professor Andrew Hsu, Provost and Vice President of Toledo University, Dr. Rodney Rogers, President of Bowling Green State University, Ms. Mary Gawele, President of Rhodes University, and Dorey Diab, President of North Central State College met with the delegation respectively. They fully affirmed the fruitful results of the delegation’s visit and praised the important role that Confucius Institute at Toledo University played for promoting Sino-US cultural exchanges. Local Chinese and friends from all walks of life reacted enthusiastically and hoped for more opportunities to enjoy YSU teachers and students’ wonderful performances.

[Translated by Ni Rongzi]

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