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The Technology and Development of Semiconductor Chip — The Practical Tips for Career Development at Home and Abroad


Time: 14.30 pm, April 19 (Thursday), 2018

Venue: Room 109, Building No.4, East Campus

Topic: The Technology and Development of Semiconductor Chip The Practical Tips for Career Development at Home and Abroad

Lecturer: Wang Xin

Lecturer’ profile: Wang Xin, Director of Zhejiang Zhuojing Technology R&D (Head of Research and Development, Singapore Institute of Applied Materials, USA, now returning to China to start a business), has been focusing on the semiconductor chip industry for more than a decade after graduating from Xi'an Jiaotong University in April 2006. He once served as the R&D center of Xi'an R&D Center of Applied Materials in the United States and the R&D department of the Singapore Institute. He returned to China in 2017 and became the R&D director of Zhejiang Zhuojing Technology Co., Ltd. So far, the international R&D team has led the development of dozens of large-scale semiconductor packaging equipment and a series of related supporting technologies. It is widely used by the world's top semiconductor manufacturers (Intel, Samsung, etc.) in the United States, South Korea, Japan, mainland China, and Taiwan, which brought more than 150 million US dollars to the company. There are 5 US patents, and dozens of Chinese patents are being applied. His research areas include semiconductor equipment, chip fabrication and packaging technologies, as well as design, simulation, and process development.

Lecture introduction: The semiconductor integrated circuit chip is hailed as the "heart" of modern industry, and is also called the crown jewel in the electronic information industry. Its technology covers electronic communications, physics, chemistry, materials, electromagnetism, machinery manufacturing, and software. Many disciplines, such as design and simulation, play an important role in the development of human society to a highly informatized and intelligent process, and are also a manifestation of the country’s scientific and technological level and industrial strength. The report will start from the topic of the modern industrial revolution of mankind, and introduce the development of modern semiconductor chip technology and the development of key technologies and electronic information industry as well as combine the reporter’s work and life experience at home and abroad for many years.

All are welcome!

School of Information Science and Engineering

April 17, 2018

[Translated by Lv Bo]

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