Academic Report:Inner chapters of Chuang-Tzu about analysis of the view of body and mind



Time:3:50-5:50pm,April 19th(Thursday),2018  

Venue: Room 416,Humanities Building,East Campus  

About the Lecturer:Zhang Hongbo, graduating from Peking University with a BA Degree in Chinese Literature and MA Degree and PhD Degree in Comparative Literature. She is now an associate professor and masters supervisor of the School of Chinese Language and Literature at Beijing Foreign Studies University. Her main research fields include Comparative Literature,modern explanation of the ancient Chinese literary classics, and the research of the Story of Stone. She had been teaching at Woosong University of Korea for two years and researching at Cornell University of America as a visiting scholar. She has published over 20 academic papers. The academic monographs include The Modern Interpretation of The Story of Stone with reasonable concept as the core.(Zhonghua Book Company 2008),books compiled by him include Construction of Common Poetics,Zhou Yuliang collected essays on Comparative Literature (Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press 2007). Zhang Hongbo is presiding overThe Modern Interpretation of the Story of Stone in dialogue context of Chinese and Western Literature,a project of Beijing city.  

About the Lecture:The trend of Body Turn of modern western philosophy brings new horizons and new ideas to the research of Body view in the history of Chinese thought,of which the research of body view in Chuang-Tzu stands out.In this article,in terms of the overall ideological context of the Inner chapters of Chuang-Tzu, only its Body view or Figure view is placed in a overall care of its Body and Mind viewcan we get real clear knowledge,further, the World view in Chuang-Tzu is the reality-root-causes of its Body and Mind view, Heaven and Man view is the ideology-premise of its Body and Mind view,and if you want to understand Body and Mind view in Chuang-Tzu fully,you must clarify the Echo the Network relationship between the three firstly.This article intends to discuss the overall outlook of its thoughts of body and mind and analyzes its effectiveness and limitation,complexity and contradiction by mutual reference reading to the text of Inner chapters of Chuang-Tzu.  

All the teachers and students are welcome.

[Translated by Yu Miao]

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